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Upcoming events for the BartendersBrawl.
  1. It's Back!!!
    Well folks, it's back!   After months of anticipation amongst the hospitality community, The Bartenders Brawl will make its highly anticipated return to St. Louis, Missouri.

    On Sunday, September 23rd, The Bartenders Brawl will heading to Ameristar Casino.  The creators of this hospitality mash up will present the recently aquired skills of thirty to forty nightlife professionals in fifteen to eighteen amateur kickboxing and MMA matches.

    "It's an exciting move for us," says co-founder Steve Guidry. "We're really excited to work with a group like Ameristar Casino and put this on a big stage in St. Louis." 

    This team is not afraid to tackle high profile events.  Last year in 2011, they launched this concept in four cities around the country and produced three of those shows within four weeks.  One of those cities was a very receptive Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was there that they produced this bartender showdown on top of the Epicentre, and "under a tremendous spotlight," as Guidry described it.

    "Doing this with a group like BMG (Bar Management Group) on top of the Epicentre, being the center piece of the city, being on TV and radio in a foreign city...it was a ton of pressure for everything to go right.   Coming home to do this again is exciting...not stressful at all really.  This is the third year we've done this now and everyone knows what it is, what to expect, how thrilling the event is, and what an exciting opportunity it is to actually get to train and participate in this.   Now with us taking this to Ameristar Casino...wow...it's going to be huge.   How about this...let's just say we had fifty-six people sign up just three days after we announced it.   Someone said to me yesterday, maybe we just have some angry bar staff around here?"

    Tickets for The Bartenders Brawl go on sale Monday.  You can contact co-founder Ben Stake for more details about tickets, VIP tables, or even signing up for this bartender showdown: ben@bartendersbrawl.com or 636-667-9409, or visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thebartendersbrawl
  2. Chicago Survives The Fight

    The Bartenders Brawl was a spectacular showdown in Chicago this past Sunday night. With over eleven matches in the books, the crowd was satisfied to say the least. The show had everything from first round knockouts, to nail biting decisions. Representatives from Chicago's elite drinking establishments such as Bull & Bear, Public House, Proof, Enclave, The Other Side Bar, Dillenger's, and numerous others, filled the seats to cheer on their favorite employee, friend, or family member.

    UFC veteran Shonie Carter was present helping prepare the fighters, as well as legendary kickboxing instructor Jim Glaskow, who helped numerous fighters get ready for the event.

    You could really get a grip from the fighters after the show, that next year's battle will be a must see event. With the anxiety and fears behind them, many were already discussing their game plan for next year.
  3. Chicago Fight Night has Monster Turn Out!

    The Bartenders Brawl wrapped up the summer on Sunday night at Joe's Bar in Chicago. With a packed house on hand, Chicago's most popular hospitality individuals entertained a crowd of nearly seven hundred people this past weekend. The first pictures can be seen here: http://www.redeyechicago.com/entertainment/clubs/redeye-bartenders-brawl-at-joes-bar-sunday-august-21-20110821,0,7957747.photogallery
  4. Bartenders Brawl Kansas City
    The video from Kansas City says it all for this event...look for pictures to be released soon!

    Bartenders Brawl Martini Corner, Kansas City 2011 from Envision Studio on Vimeo.

  5. First shots from Charlotte!
    With the Charlotte Bartenders Brawl officially in the books, you can catch some of the first pictures from the fight right here at Carolina Nightlife:  http://www.carolinanightlife.com/photos/album/2217169/Bartenders-Brawl-Album-Two

    Look for more pictures and videos to be released soon!
  6. Charlotte Bartenders Brawl Campaign Kicks Off This Weekend
    With The Bartenders Brawl St. Louis in the past, Chicago next week, and Kansas City on autopilot...the focus right now is on Charlotte.  Yesterday, with Charlotte partner BMG in the drivers seat on this one, Co-founder Steve Guidry spoke at length with Charlotte industry "legend" Jimmy Freiburg about the in's and out's of The Bartenders Brawl.   "Jimmy is the perfect guy for the job out there," says Guidry.   "I'm excited to work with him, and the BMG team on this one.  The focus right now is just collecting volunteers that would be willing to train and compete.  Then, Jimmy and the team will look at who will be ready to start training come July 18th....whatever the case may be...I know it's going to be one hell of a kickboxing and MMA show with our two groups collaborating."  

    The Bartenders Brawl Charlotte will be Wednesday, August 17th, at 7pm, at The Epicentre.   Tickets will go on sale on wanttickets.com soon with prices ranging from $20-100, depending on where you would like to view the action from.   The after party will be held at SUITE, with entertainment to be named at a later date.
  7. Out with the old ...in with the new!
    Well, The Bartenders Brawl kicked off the 2011 season with a fantastic Kickboxing and MMA showdown in St. Louis last Sunday night.  In the grand ballroom at the Holiday Inn (adjacent to the new Mile 277 tap and grill), twenty six men and women left everything they had in the ring before a sold out crowd of over nearly 750 hospitality individuals, friends, and family.  

    As soon as they began to digest the final match and shake some hands, co-founders Ben Strake, Rob Stone, and Steve Guidry were already discussing the next show in Chicago coming up on Sunday, July 10th.  "I just want to sit down," says Guidry..."and I'm starving."   With the first show under their belt, the guys seem relieved the first one is over, and excited to move on to new shows.   The Bartenders Brawl continues in two weeks: Chicago at Joe's on Weed St on July 10th, Kansas City and Martini Corner on July 31st, and with BMG on top of the Epicentre in Charlotte, on August 17th. 

    Pictures from the fight can be seen by adding "Bartendersbrawl Stl" as a friend on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/bartendersbrawl
  8. The Bartenders Brawl: St. Louis, 2010 highlight reel
  9. The Bartenders Brawl: St. Louis June 26th, 2011
  10. Garnett's Video